Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend Events and Pottsy crash

ISM kicked some major butt this past weekend. We finished 1,2 in Ironman Louisville, won Ironman Canada, and finished 1,2,3,4, and 6 at Chicago tri. Sweeping has never been so easy.

Tereza Macel wins IMCA on her Adamo Racing.
Nina Kraft wins IMKY on her Adamo Road and Lisbeth Kristensen 2nd
Sarah Haskins wins, Sarah Groff 2nd, Becky Lavelle 3rd, Rebeccah Wassner 4th, and Laurel Wassner 6th at Chicago Tri. Andy Potts crashed hard....sadly. Please read report below.

I jumped on a plane for Eurobike Monday morning. Made it to Zurich this morning, and drove to Germany for the show. Steve and I met up with Duncan from ISM Europe and set up and enjoyed the weather while we can (since we are about to be cooped up in an expo hall for 4 days straight. More to come on this. Good times!!

As most of you know, Andy went down hard at the Chicago Triathlon this weekend. I wanted to give everyone an update on the current situation and ask that you direct all questions to me. I know you are all very concerned for Andy but we are trying to limit the contact as he is getting overwhelmed with calls and emails. He just needs rest at this point...thanks for understanding.To recap what happened...at approximately mile 8 on the bike course, an age group athlete moved to the left and ran into Andy as he was passing. Andy was going about 35mph at the time with a tail wind and went down very, very hard. He slid 150-200 feet on the grooved pavement and received road rash on most of his body and stitches in his elbow. The crash was the equivalent of crashing on a motor cycle. Fortunately, the helmet only had minor scratches with no major injuries to the head.Initially he wanted to finish the race, but his bike frame broke and he could not continue. Andy returned to the medical tent where things got more serious very quickly. His vital signs dropped with a resting heart rate on 20 beats/minute and he lost consciousness. EMTs responded immediately and revived Andy and transported him to Northwestern Hospital. He received a CAT scan and X-Rays. Fortunately there are no broken bones or internal injuries. Andy traveled back home this morning and he will be following up with doctors in Colorado Springs. Although there are no serious injuries, Andy is extremely banged up and will be out indefinitely until injuries heal and doctors clear him for training and racing. I will continue to email you with updates and post things on the website. I promise as things happen we will keep you posted. Please avoid believing rumors and come straight to the source if you have any questions or concerns. Again, Andy truly appreciates all of your concerns and support.

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