Sunday, December 27, 2009

ISM Pro Kirk Nelson Checks In

Hi everyone!
I got my name in the paper! Pages 170-171 of January 2010 Triathlete Magazine.

Eric got 3rd! (woulda been 2nd had he not run an extra 1.5 miles by

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From the Magic Mountain Man Triathlon Press Release:

"On Saturday October 10, 2009 Renegade Racing produced the inaugural long-distance triathlon in Los Angeles County. TheMagic MountainMan Triathlon (M3 Tri) started at Castaic Lake and finished in Santa Clarit a close to Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park. Finishers covered 70.3 miles total between the swim, bike and run courses. Participants raved about the challenging, but scenic course that wound through the older roads of Santa Clarita. Following the 1.2 mile swim in calm Castaic Lake and the 56 miles of the bike course, the athletes were elated to find the 13.1 run course flat and fast.

Professional triathlete Kirk Nelson, of Boulder, Colorado, grabbed the first place title overall, with a time of 4:31:32. "Coming from Colorado, I've always hoped someone would put on a triathlon with a challenging, mountainous bike course, rather than the traditional rolling or flat bike courses most races offer -- the M3 Bike course was far and away the most challenging bike course I've ever raced!”, said Nelson of his experience of the
M3 Tri."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays from ISM! Seems this is the time of year to take a little time off and stuff ourselves. I know it's happening to me. All I'm doing is running and eating. I'll take it.

Here's a copy of the latest ad we are placing in the print magazines. In case you haven't guessed, that's last years Triathlete of the Year Becky Lavelle. We are stoked to have her on our seat. Check out the wins for 2009 alone!

Here's a pic of the pride of Italy's Edith Niederfriniger bke in the racks at Ironman Cozumel. She loves her Adamo Racing saddle and placed 3rd in the event (behind fellow ISM athlete Bella Bayliss). Both are studs!

Living in Austin, I forget how spoiled we can be. It's gotten into the 30-40's here and that's trainer weather. So I've been loging a few miles in between my marathon training on the new Adamo Breakaway. It makes the trainer rides so much more tollerable. We'll have them ready to ship January 15th. I know we ahve a big list of dealers waiting for them. Soon, soon!

Here's a pic my buddy Cassidy from Trigger Point Therapy sent me. He got this out of a Continental Magazine and it's an ad for M.D. Anderson. Check out the dude's bike seat. Adamo Racing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ISM Adamo Road Review

Gear Review: ISM Adamo Road Saddle
by Mike Bernico
Full Article here

If you'll recall, one of my goals for this off season was to get a bike fit. Before I did that however, I wanted to find a saddle I liked. I definitely did NOT like the saddle that came on my Cervelo P1 and knew that my relationship with that painful little piece of plastic was going to be short lived.

I did some research and talked to a few people and came to the conclusion that the ISM Adamo was worth a very serious look. While there are many fine high end saddles out there, in my opinion the concept behind the Adamo saddles was the best. It also came highly recommended by some other Tri-Sharks and Beginner Triathlete members.

There are two models of Adamo for TT bikes, the Adamo Race and the Adamo Road. They seem to be essentially the same, with the Road weighing a bit more and having a bit more gel/padding than the race. Light is good, but so is comfortable, so which one should I choose? In trying to answer that question I discovered one of the things that separates ISM Adamo products from their competition. Fantastic customer service. After explaining my goals and needs to Dave at Adamo, discussing my weight loss history, and my Ironman aspirations, Dave recommended the Road over the Race for me. Thanks for all the help Dave!

The Adamo is an unconventional saddle. It doesn't have a nose like a traditional saddle, but rather is built to support your sit bones while relieving the pressure from your perineal nerve, which prevents all sorts of medical badness that I'll just reference here rather than try to explain.

At first I was skeptical about comfort. I mean, who wouldn't be. I very carefully read the Adamo instructions and watched their installation video though. After that it was time for a road test.

I took my bike out and immediately felt pretty comfortable. I only road for about 20 miles that day but I enjoyed the ride. The next day the tissue over my sit bones was a little sore, but I knew that might happen based on Dave's warning and the products documentation.

After a few more rides I was enjoying the Adamo without any pain, and alot more comfort than I've ever experienced on a saddle. The Adamo put everything else I had ever ridden to shame, including my pricey Fizik Airone.

Then, about 5 rides in, something surprising happened. While the Adamo was always very good, I stopped for a tweak to how the saddle lined up laterally and finally just got it exactly right and it was like I snapped into the saddle. Things went from good to glorious and I couldn't be happier.

A few days after that ride I took my bike over to a much more experienced triathlete's house and he helped me get the bike tuned in even more while spinning on his computrainer. Things just kept getting better.

Not only am I more comfortable on my Adamo Road than I ever have been on any other saddle, but I'm faster too. I know what you're thinking...faster? really? Yes, faster. It's very true. I can stay aero longer, and I'm much more comfortable. A more aero, more comfortable triathlete is a faster triathlete.

I highly recommend the ISM Adamo Road, it's great equipment from a great company that makes me fast and makes me want to ride.

IMAZ winner Sam McGlone checks in.

Sam proudly competes on her ISM Adamo Racing saddle.

I am thrilled to cap off the 2009 season with my first Ironman win and a new course record at Ironman Arizona last weekend. At the beginning of the year I was unsure if I would be making it back to racing after a serious injury kept me sidelined all winter, so to end with a win was the icing on the cake.
It was cold and dark as 2400 athletes took to Tempe Town lake at 7am. Was I the only one that found it odd swimming through the desert in November ? The swim was the low point of my race – I can’t make excuses; everyone was swimming in the same frigid water, but I just felt like my arms never warmed up. Usually I like to hang on the feet of faster swimmers but when I saw nothing but open water in front of me I knew it was bad news because it meant I was not in the lead, but so far back I couldn’t even see the lead!
Exiting the water 8 minutes down from Leanda Cave, I had my work cut out for me on the bike. The 3 loop course was flat and windy – with a slight rise up to the turn-around then a screaming fast “descent” back to town, just made for my Argon E-114 TT bike. I rode hard and took back a few minutes per loop on the leaders, ending with a 4:56 bike split – the fastest of the day.
Coming into T2 I had taken over 2nd place and was closing in on Leanda. I took the lead at the end of the first loop and stayed there for the rest of the day. The run course was awesome – tons of spectators and the three loop format meant we were never far from the next cheering section, a far cry from the loneliness of Kona’s Queen K highway. A big shout out to Zoot for my custom race flats they made with only a few weeks turnaround time – I know the matching kit was good for a few minutes on the run course.
Finishing in 9:09, I set a new course record with the fastest bike split and 2nd fastest run of the day. This was the highlight of the season which had started with injury and ended in my first Ironman win. It was even more special to win at “home” in my newly adopted state of Arizona.
Thanks to everyone who stuck it out through the injury and for all the support this season!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Seats, New Gear, and more WINS.

ISM celebrates another win by Track superstar Wendy Houvenaghel. She checks in, "I have been competing recently in Manchester and Melbourne during the Track World Cup Classics series, where I've been successful in the Women's Individual and Women's Team Pursuits! The competitions were held on 31st Oct, 1st Nov, 19th Nov and 21st Nov 09 and have been documented on the Cycling website along with photos.
I've attached one of the photos from our World Record breaking ride at Manchester and a podium photo from Melbourne."

I had some new custom ISM kits arrive. We highlighted the new Performance Logo across the chest and on the thigh. They look slick and really stand out while on the road. Super comfy too. Might have to order some more as they all sold out!

As most know by now, the new Adamo Podium and Adamo Breakaway saddles are hitting dealers next month. These saddles have undergone several versions over the last year of testing. All who have tested them are thrilled. Longer and narrower. Get one! Your crotch will thank you.