Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ISM Adamo Road Review

Gear Review: ISM Adamo Road Saddle
by Mike Bernico
Full Article here http://iron-path.blogspot.com/2009/12/gear-review-ism-adamo-road-saddle.html

If you'll recall, one of my goals for this off season was to get a bike fit. Before I did that however, I wanted to find a saddle I liked. I definitely did NOT like the saddle that came on my Cervelo P1 and knew that my relationship with that painful little piece of plastic was going to be short lived.

I did some research and talked to a few people and came to the conclusion that the ISM Adamo was worth a very serious look. While there are many fine high end saddles out there, in my opinion the concept behind the Adamo saddles was the best. It also came highly recommended by some other Tri-Sharks and Beginner Triathlete members.

There are two models of Adamo for TT bikes, the Adamo Race and the Adamo Road. They seem to be essentially the same, with the Road weighing a bit more and having a bit more gel/padding than the race. Light is good, but so is comfortable, so which one should I choose? In trying to answer that question I discovered one of the things that separates ISM Adamo products from their competition. Fantastic customer service. After explaining my goals and needs to Dave at Adamo, discussing my weight loss history, and my Ironman aspirations, Dave recommended the Road over the Race for me. Thanks for all the help Dave!

The Adamo is an unconventional saddle. It doesn't have a nose like a traditional saddle, but rather is built to support your sit bones while relieving the pressure from your perineal nerve, which prevents all sorts of medical badness that I'll just reference here rather than try to explain.

At first I was skeptical about comfort. I mean, who wouldn't be. I very carefully read the Adamo instructions and watched their installation video though. After that it was time for a road test.

I took my bike out and immediately felt pretty comfortable. I only road for about 20 miles that day but I enjoyed the ride. The next day the tissue over my sit bones was a little sore, but I knew that might happen based on Dave's warning and the products documentation.

After a few more rides I was enjoying the Adamo without any pain, and alot more comfort than I've ever experienced on a saddle. The Adamo put everything else I had ever ridden to shame, including my pricey Fizik Airone.

Then, about 5 rides in, something surprising happened. While the Adamo was always very good, I stopped for a tweak to how the saddle lined up laterally and finally just got it exactly right and it was like I snapped into the saddle. Things went from good to glorious and I couldn't be happier.

A few days after that ride I took my bike over to a much more experienced triathlete's house and he helped me get the bike tuned in even more while spinning on his computrainer. Things just kept getting better.

Not only am I more comfortable on my Adamo Road than I ever have been on any other saddle, but I'm faster too. I know what you're thinking...faster? really? Yes, faster. It's very true. I can stay aero longer, and I'm much more comfortable. A more aero, more comfortable triathlete is a faster triathlete.

I highly recommend the ISM Adamo Road, it's great equipment from a great company that makes me fast and makes me want to ride.

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  1. Hey, I'm famous! Thanks again for the great product and free speed ISM and Dave!