Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The ISM Team goes Bowling?????

No, we have not changed occupations, nor are we going out on tour (except maybe Steve Gordon), but today was quite an event. With family and friends, we wore our new ISM bowling shirts and participated in the second annual Jason Ackerman Memorial Bowl-A-Thon with the proceeds going to the Children's Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida.

Along with enjoying each other's company, we had two celebrities bowl with us, Tyrone Timmons, from the Tampa Bay Storm and Stylez White, from the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. I have to say, Tyrone is quite the bowler and was trying to teach many of us, though, I don't know that he succeeded. Stylez needs to stay playing football-but he was a great team player.

We had 2 teams--which we dubbed the A Team and the B Team (B for bumpers). Due to the great bowling by the A team, the ISM team won the event with the highest score. But, most of all, we supported the Ackermans and the Children's Cancer Center. That was what it was all about.

Enjoy the pictures- Laura

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