Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eurobike 2009

Another successful trip completed. In all my years in the bike industry, this was my first Eurobike. And it was a blast. It's a far easier flight to deal with after working the Taipei show. Steve and I decided to fly into Zurich and drive to the show in Friedrichshaffen, Germany. I met Steve in Atlanta and we headed to the crown room for a few cocktails as we both are uncomfortable with flying. Once we arrived in Zurich we met Duncan who runs and is one of our ISM Europe guys. Got the car, made the ferry to Germany and set up at the show. You wouldn't expect a show of this size to be in a relatively small town in Southern Germany, but turns out it was a great place to host a bike show. Friedrichshaffen is an industry town and is famous for manufacturing blimps, car transmissions, and assorted airplane parts. Again, it's not very big so exhibitors typically stayed within a 50k radius of the show. The countryside was beautiful and we enjoyed some wonderful dinners and tasty German Beer (Brad from Triathlete would surely approve).

It's always fun attending these shows. You get to meet your dealers, distributors, and old industry friends. It's also an opportunity to show off our next year's product line and brag about how well our pros have done this year and how our seat is better and why. :) We met several dealers interested in bringing in the ISM product line at the show and solidified distribution in four new countries! All in all, it was a great Eurobike for ISM. Big things are happening for 2010. Stay tuned.

After the show, Duncan left us and Steve and I got a cab, to catch a ferry, to ride a train back to Zurich. We spent a day and a half in Switzerland's finest city. It was a great way to wind down the trip.

My home away from home in Meersburg, Germany. Great stay and had free wifi!

Kestrel's new badass UCI legal TT Machine. The 4000 sporting the 2010 Adamo Racing saddle. Thanks Harad!

Here I am in Zurich trying to get cozy with a local.

On the ferry leaving Friedrichshaffen, Germany heading to Switzerland. It was a great day for sailing.

ISM's new road racer model, the Adamo Podium. Longer, narrower, lighter.

My phone sucks, but here I am with Tour champ Contador.

Steve enjoying some of Germany's finest while showing off the 2010 Adamo Racing seat.

These are just a couple of cool shots my good friend Cassidy Phillips of Trigger Point Therapy took of his son. Seems the kid loves his Adamo!!

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