Monday, August 24, 2009

Thunder from Down Under and other racing news

Here is a race report from Kat Baker. She and boyfriend Mick are professional triathletes from OZ living and training in Boulder for Ironman Canada. I haven't met them in person yet, but they seem like very nice folks on the phone. Both contacted ISM as they were having saddle woes. Well, not any more! Glad to help Kat and Mick. Rip it up in Canada! Hope to see you in Kona.
Boulder 5430- 9th August 2009
Finally, a race i was tapered for! I was getting very frustrated training through races and being just out of the money...
So after the 6week ironman block Mick and I had an easy week. I felt good and ready to race, unfortunately (or fortunately) it was a jam packed field and for once there were about 3x the amount of women in the race as men. There were 3x world champions in the women’s field alone.
The swim was excellent for me. Non wetsuit and we started with the men. I have decided i love starting with the guys because they are way easier to draft off- they kick more and they are bigger. Anyway i think it had to have been the easiest swim of my career. And i was out just over 1.30 behind the male leaders!! Finally the swim has come together.
The ride was a reasonably flat 2 lap course. I felt pretty good however i took awhile to warm up. Probably still a bit fatigued after the Ironman block. I was riding well however and was able to stick with Chrissie Wellington for awhile, when she came past me (i had beaten her out of the swim!). I especially loved the new saddle i had, ISM- Adamo racing, it pushed me right forward and Time Trialling had never been so comfortable! I guess i wasn’t used to being up with all the champions and i wasn’t quite sure what to do up the front end of the race...i guess a lot of people particularly the guys sit a legal distance behind each other, legally swapping off. I wasn’t quite ready for this and seemed to just drop away slowly. Anyway i was onto the run in 5th place.
The run seemed ok to me, not super fast but comfortable. I figured i was ready for ironman. I managed to hold my own and finish in 5th. It didn’t feel too bad and i was pleased to see that my run time is only 7min off 2x Hawaii world champ, Chrissie wellington. I am happy with that and can’t wait to assault my second ironman, Ironman Canada Aug 30. Bring it on! Julie Dibbons finished 1st, Chrissie Wellington 2nd ,Brooke Davidson, local hero 3rd and Amanda Stevens 4th.
I also competed in the Austin XTERRA event on Sunday. All I can say is WOW. Mike, you should be shot for designing that course. :) Very extreme and I'm glad I walked away with no broken bones. Great support and great event. Definitely a tough day. I was intimidated by several of the rocky decents as my mountain bike skills have failed me (as I haven't ridden a real trail in YEARS). Fun day.
Also, our very own Laura Toll went to Age Group Nationals this past weekend and qualified for worlds. Budapest, here we come. Proud of you Laura.
And Andy Potts won ANOTHER race this weekend. Go Andy. Glad you enjoy that Adamo Road saddle my man. You are on fire. Save some of that spark for Kona baby.

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