Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ironman 70.3 Lake Stephens, WA

Here's a race report from ISM athlete and winner Becky Lavelle. ISM athletes took 1,3, and 4 overall.

Becky Lavelle 1st on Adamo Racing
Michellie Jones 3rd on Adamo Racing
Eric Limkemann 4th on Adamo Racing

august 16 . 2009Lake Stevens 70.3 ~ 1stComing into this racing season I wanted to do a few more half ironmans since I was stepping away from world cup racing. I had a few in mind for the year but wasn't able to squeeze one into my schedule until this month. Washington is one of my favorite states, the Seattle area in particular, so Lake Stevens seemed like a perfect first 70.3 race of the year. It was a chilly morning, low 50's and overcast, and they actually had to delay the start because of fog over the lake. Once we started I settled into the lead on the swim and thankfully the course was marked by a rowing line that we could follow underwater so we didn't have to sight too much. I exited the water a little over a minute up on the next woman.I have to say I was pretty 'numb' the first loop of the 2 loop bike course... I could barely feel my hands, my toes or my quads! I gradually warmed up and felt better as I went but my lead slipped away as I came into T2 about :15 down from the leader. I left T2 on her heels and took the lead back within the first mile of the run. She stayed right with me though for the next 6 miles or so. At around 7 miles I was feeling pretty good so I decided to start picking up the pace. In the past those last 3-4 miles in a half marathon have hurt pretty bad so I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up my speed but I was amazed at how strong I felt as the race went on. I definitely didn't want a sprint finish so I just kept the pressure on and felt great all the way to the end, crossing in 1st, about 1:10 up from second place. I ended up running my fastest 13.1 miles in a half ironman, 1:24.29.What a fun race to win... the crowd support was great and the venue was beautiful!Next up is LTF- Chicago on August 30th.

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