Monday, July 27, 2009

Ironman Lake Placid 1,2,3 SWEEP!

Happy Monday Folks!

It was a busy weekend of training. Saturday started with getting con'd into a 3 hour ride. Thought that was doable for sure so I met up with the local Bagel Ride group. Sounds innocent enough. After 4:20 and a blowout (thanks for the Duct Tape boot Kuota Guy), I was cooked. I did have several riders comment on the metallic silver testAdamo Road saddle I was sporting. I might need to get some chrome'd out bar tape like Ted! On Sunday morning, I went for a 5 mile trail run with friends and followed it up with an afternoon mountain bike ride. Decided to take the mountain bike out since I have a couple of off road tris next month and I haven't been on a trail in over a year. I love my hardtail Merlin, but I've got to face the music.......I'm getting older. Might be time for me to consider a full suspension!!

Another busy week ahead. ISM is bringing a new seat to market and will debut it at Eurobike. It's gonna be a tricked out road racer model and we are finalizing some graphics. New shipments of saddles are arriving and we're finalizing some T-shirt designs. Might order some more cycling clothing as well.

This week I'll be at Jack's Generic Triathlon here in Austin, TX. Come by the shop on Saturday during registration and shoot the breeze. We'll also have the tent at the race course for athletes to cool down and drink some beers after the event. Jack and Adams and High Five Events put on such a great race. This is the 3rd race in the Texas Series. Great for beginners and studs.

ISM had some great exposure over the weekend. Here are a few photos from our pros at Ironman Lake Placid courtesy of Todd Kenyon of TT Bike Fit (
Professionals transition rack.
Women's overall winner Tereza Macel.

June 25 Olympian Sarah Haskins 6th at ITU World Cup Hamburg
June 26 Andy Potts 2nd, Rebeccah Wassner WINS, Becky Lavelle 2nd, and Laurel Wassner 6th at Nautica NYC Triathlon
June 26 Tereza Macel WINS Ironman Lake Placid (led entire race) on her Adamo Racing saddle and ISM finished 2nd and 3rd overall

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