Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend of Training and Testing

This weekend I hooked up with Trigger Point Technology's (, Cassidy Phillips for a 3 hour ride in Austin's hill country. Cassidy is training for Ironman CDA and I'm dusting off the cobwebs for the inaugural 70.3 New Orleans in April. Saturday was a great day to ride and we caught up with some local talent while on the roads. Pro triathlete power couple Brandon and Amy Marsh were doing some secret training and dragged us around for a few miles before turning off. Great seeing them. Brandon is curious about trying out an Adamo saddle. Seems he noticed the smiles of comfort on Cassidy and my face.

There was a big stage race near San Antonio, TX this weekend. I had several friends share with me they saw several ISM seats on TT and Road bikes during the event. The winner of the TT in the Pro, 1,2 event was using an Adamo Racing saddle. Glad to hear we are making an impact in the road racing scene. As a former roadie, I know how traditional that crowd can be!

Sunday I tested out ISM's newest addition to the performance saddle line, the Adamo Peak. The Adamo Peak is our mountain specific saddle. I've used in on my road bike and enjoyed the ride, and put it on my mountain bike today for some trail riding. The sides are Kevlar reinforced and the rear end drops as it taper back. The drop allows the rider to ride off the back of the seat while descending and not "catch" their shorts. Great graphics and felt comfy on the trail. Plenty of support and no crotch pain. It will hit the market in March and we already have several backorders. Check it out!

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