Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blogging.....Here I come!

I've resisted long enough and it's time I step into the world of blogging. Seems other companies have them and most of my friends too, so why not. Guess that old saying my mom use to say applies about someone jumping off the bridge, would I'd follow. :) So here I am with my first post. Hopefully the first of many. The racing season is about to begin and that means more race expos. I enjoy the expo scene as it gives ISM the chance to talk with our customers face to face and educate new clients on our performance saddles and hydration system.

ISM is already off to a fantastic start to 2009 with Chris McDonald shattering the course record at the Challenge Wanaka ironman distance triathlon in New Zealand last month. And give it up for Hillary Biscay on her 3rd place finish as well. Chris uses the Adamo Racing saddle and Hillary finds the pink Adamo Road the most comfortable.

Thanks for reading and check in from time to time. I'll be posting new product pics, expo pics, and updating you on the daily culture here at ISM seats.


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