Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend in Dallas!

Packed up the truck and headed to Dallas for the weekend to visit friends and family. The plan was to fit in some training while in Big D. Afterall, the New Orleans 70.3 is creeping up on me. Seems I always do this.....wait till the last minute that is! Saturday was incredibly windy (30 mph winds and hovering around 45*). I realize this might be nice riding weather for some, but I'm a Texan and we like it hot. Bailed on the riding for Saturday and went for a run instead. I did manage to snap a pic of a gal's bike with our ISM Sport saddle.

I've been getting tons of inquiries about our new ISM Adamo Peak saddle. We are anticipating the saddles shipping to dealers the 3rd week in March. I know this isn't soon enough for some, but we very much appreaciate your patience and it will be worth the wait. Here's a pic of an ad we are thinking of running. It's a play on how ISM saddles maintain bloodflow.

Tickets have been booked for the Taipei International Bike Show. www.taipeicycle.comtw/ The show is in March and allows us to meet with our non domestic distributors, other bike manufacturers, and pro teams. It's gonna be a long flight!

On Sunday I met up with my friend Mike Rodriguez for a ride. He lives in Ft. Worth and was on my way out of town. The weather was upper 50's and low wind (not like the day before). We managed to get in about 2.5 hours. Here's Mike in action.

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