Monday, January 11, 2010

Get ink'd

Welcome to 2010 everyone. Big things are happening at ISM. We've recently moved in to a larger location. This move will allow us to continue to grow and continue to satisfy the increasing demand for ISM saddles around the world. We are partnering with several races over the year and hope to keep you notified of where to see us at the expos. Our pro contingent is growing and we hope to add many more victories this year (77 Pro podium finishes and 22 IM and IM70.3 wins in 2009!

ISM is also looking to make a huge leap into the road racing market. Stay tuned for the release of our new Adamo Breakaway and Adamo Podium saddles. Models due for public release later this month.
Above are some pics of Professional triathlete and ISM rider Heather Jackson. Seems she has fallen in with the wrong crowd (sorry Wattie), and decided to get a little ink. Heather is a badass triathlete and in all seriousness, I love the tat. Looks great on you girl. I did offer to pay for her to get an ISM tattoo.

Also, note the action shot of Police Officer, Troy Gielish. ISM supplies saddles to many Police Departments across the country. Troy prefers the ISM Adamo Typhoon saddle.

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