Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Orleans Bound

This weekend the crew is heading to New Orleans for the first 70.3 to be held in Louisiana. I can't think of a better city to host (despite hailing from Shreveport, LA). Steve has been busy loading up the tricked out ISM van. Look for it. Sweet paint with ISM colors and logos plastered on it. Banging stereo system with dubs! He even logo'd ISM on the roof for all to see while flying to the events so look out of the plane's window next time. :) We've got lots of seats, hydration systems and other goodies for the event. Steve starts his journey tomorrow and will be there just in time to pick up Laura, Melissa, and myself from the airport. Yeah that's right. I got it like that. While he's loading up the van with all the expo gear, I'm busy charging my iPod so I have plenty of battery to blast tunes while in the air!

2.5 of ISM's employees will be racing this weekend. Laura, myself and long time friend Russell. Russell has a full time job, but tends to get his feet wet with ISM on the weekends. Lucky for me he's coming as he's bringing my bike down. Thanks Smooth! Maybe I should lump Steve in with the work being done on Sunday. He is afterall the official Team ISM photographer. He'll be the guy on the course with a photo lense bigger than ESPN's!

Look for Team ISM clothing during the event. This is the first race it will be worn by competitors and we've got some hotties all geared up. Come by the booth if you are in town and introduce yourself. On Saturday, we'll have ISM pro Chris McDonald on hand signing autographs. My buddy Darren from Rocket Science Sports has also generously donated some of his wind tunnel tuned water bottles. For anyone buying our Quick Draw hydration system, you get a bottle!

Additionally, we'd like to wish new recruit Andy Potts the best of luck at Oceanside 70.3 this weekend. Bella Comerford will be racing Ironman South Africa. Michellie Jones and Patrick Vernay will be battling Ironman Australia. Good luck to all!!


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