Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just got word that American Bicycle Group's CEO, Peter Hurley is rocking an Adamo Racing saddle on his new Quintana Roo Cd0.1. Enjoy Pete.

Baker's Brand Cookies' (official granola of Ironman), head Bryan Geshwill is using his trusty Adamo Road saddle.

Angelo Cilli of Wilier USA uses the Adamo Racing saddle on his Cento Crono.

Trigger Point Technology's, Cassidy Phillips, equipped his ride with an Adamo Road saddle.

The inventer of the Hydrotail hydration system, Andrew Block, uses an Adamo Racing saddle.

Founder of the Speedfil water bottle system, David Dietterle has been using his Adamo Racing saddle for 6 months now.

Toby Jones of Art of Tri clothing uses an Adamo Road.

Javelin Bicycles head, Dave Grundman loves his Adamo Racing saddle.

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