Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taipei International Bike Show

Well, I'm finally back in the States. God Bless the USA. The last 8 days I've been in Taipei, Taiwan attending the Taipei Bike Show. I'm now sitting in the LA airport trying to get a little work done. Been up since 2:30 this morning. My alarm was set for 6:30. Gotta love jetlag. Anyway, Steve, Laura, Michael and I made the trek over. Michael is my brother and decided he'd take the opportunity to tag along as he'd never been to Asia. It was nice having him there.

The show went great for ISM. It was an opportunity to visit with old friends and customers and forge new relationships. This show is mostly a manufacturing show as opposed to a retailer show so it was all business, all the time. Yeah right, this is the bike industry! :) We did pick up some more distribution globally, chatted with bike manufacturers, and had a chance to visit with our factories to make sure we are bringing the best product to market. Here's a pic I took of some blinged out helmet and shoes. Note the diamonds.

I did have a little dead time during the show so I borrowed a trials bike and decided to give the crowd a little show. Check the skills. This guy was brave!

Here's the booth. Steve had made some cool new stands for us right before the show.

Here are some tourist pics. The building in the background is Taipei 101. It's now the second tallest building in the world! Our hotel was right next to it. The other pics are from the top. Michael is a little scared of heights, but made it to the top with no problems. Peer pressure!

Taipei City had these cool colorful and artsy cows all over the city. It's the year of the cow in case you were wondering.

Mike and me. Standing next to him makes me look good. Sorry Mike! :)

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