Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Another week has passed. It was a busy one. We had several large orders come in this week from domestic dealers and international distributors. Seems bicycle seats are still quite popular despite the hard economic climate. It's always fun seeing all the orders stack up before UPS comes each afternoon. Guess that means we are doing a nice job.

ISM has been working on details for our 2009 expo schedule. We are still up in the air on all the events we will attend, but for sure we are heading to New Orleans 70.3, Longhorn 70.3, Clearwater 70.3 World Championships, St. Anthony's and likely the entire Texas Triathlon Series ( We are hoping to attend several Ironman events as well. More to come, but I have ordered more tents this week in preparation for the season. In other marketing news, ISM has been working on some new ads. Here's one you'll find in Triathlete Magazine this month.
Great news on Saturday! ISM athletes Jo Lawn and Bella Bayliss (Comerford), finished 2nd and 5th respectively at Ironman New Zealand. We are off to a terrific season and it's only the begining of March.

More to come,


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