Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sam Krieg wins Idaho State Road Race Champs

ISM is please to announce Cat 2 roadie Sam Krieg of Krieg Cycling ( ) has just won the Pro 1,2 Idaho State Road Racing Championships on his Adamo Podium saddle. He won with an off the front effort solo effort. We brought this saddle to market specifically for the road racer and couldn't be more proud of Sam.

"First off thanks for the saddles. I have to be honest and say the road and TT saddle have saved my life. NO JOKE. I have been racing and training for 7 years and I just wish I would have tried one sooner".

On another note, Sam also won the Cat 2 Tour of Gila TT on his Adamo Racing saddle and rode the other stages on his Adamo Podium to a 2nd place overall. Get some!!