Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Early Season Results

Here's a picture of our rep, Lars Finanger, at VeloNews/Triathlete Magazine's bike. Lars will be traveling to Abu Dhabi to compete this weekend with 9 other ISM athletes. I wish them all good luck. Below are some recent results of Pros on ISM saddles:
Feb 27, Ironman Malaysia Hiroyuki Nishiuch 2nd male, Edith Niederfriniger 2nd, Hillary Biscay 3rd, Jocelyn Wong 5th
Feb 28, Dessert Classic Duathlon Tucson, AZ Sam McGlone 1st, Michellie Jones 2nd, Angela Naeth 3rd, (interesting to note 4th place also on Adamo Saddle)
Feb 28, Nina Kraft wins Santos International Triathlon in Brazil
March 6, Ironman New Zealand Jo Lawn 1st, Kim Loeffler 3rd
March 6, Rouge Roubaix Mathew Davis wins P1,2
March 7, Brian Fleischmann and Sarah Haskins WIN Elite Sprint Nationals

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