Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ironman AZ and Lance?

Had a nice relaxing weekend. Woke up early Saturday for my run. I've decided to sign up for the Austin Marathon in Feb. It's a race I've always wanted to do, but haven't been able to for a number of reasons. Either I have a work related event the same weekend or it conflicts with another event I'm training for. Well, it's on this Valentine's Day. Bring it.

Sunday was Ironman Arizona. Our girl Sam McGlone won the event and set a new bike split record and course record for the day (beating former record holder and fellow ISM rider, Michellie Jones). Sam is a former World Champion at the 70.3 distance and finished 5th in Kona. Well done Sam. Eric Bean finished 6th in the men's event and Josef Major, Hektor Llanos, and Raynard Tissink also raced......all using the Adamo Racing saddle.

Meanwhile back in the ATX, Melissa and I drove out to Juan Pelota Ranch (Armstrong's ranch just outside of town). He was hosting a mountain bike event that sold out in a matter of hours. He brought in a number of atb stars as well as many industry leaders. Lance would eventually flat out of the race. No follow vehicles in mountain biking. While there I was approached by a Dutch Television crew for an interview on what Lance means to me as an American. Good thing I had my ISM jacket on! It was interesting as it seemed they were looking for someone to say something negative about the guy. Haters everywhere I suppose.

Also in the mix was triathlete star Chris Lieto. Chris is a fellow Trek athlete and came in for the event. Lieto finished 2nd in Kona this year after leading the bike and most of the run. He's a stud.


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