Friday, May 1, 2009

ISM Wins Male and Female Pro at St. Anthony's Tri

ISM DOMINATES BOTH MALE AND FEMALE PRO DIVISIONS AT ST. ANTHONY'S TRIATHLON! We’ve done it before and we’ll likely do it again. Andy Potts and Rebeccah Wassner win! The day started with high winds cancelling the swim portion for amateurs. The pros would brave the water and hop on the bikes for a challenging course. Andy would enter T2 in the lead and never looked back. The women’s event played out till the last mile. Rebeccah Wassner would prevail in the end, but ISM athletes Sarah Groff and Sara McLarty would finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. Rounding in the top ten was long course pro, Nina Kraft finishing 9th on her Adamo Road saddle. ISM athletes Becky Lavelle and Jo Lawn would finish 12th and 13th respectively. Potts raced on his Adamo Road saddle and the top 3 females used Adamo Racing seats. More pictures can be found in the Gallery section of our site.

Rebeccah Wassner accepting her winnings!

Dave Bunce helping Sister Madonna with her ISM Racing Saddle fit.

Ironman Champion Jo Lawn hanging in the ISM booth with Kristi.

ISM owner Steve Toll with ISM athlete Laura Bennett signing her Olympic Adamo Racing seat.

Dave and Steve chatting with power couple Greg and Laura Bennett!

Becky Lavelle leaning into the last corner.

Winner Rebeccah Wassner on her Adamo Racing saddle.

Stud Andy Potts entering T2 with his Adamo Road saddle!

Andy Potts with his game face.

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